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How the Pickleball Mile Club works?

When you sign up for the FREE Pickleball Mile Club you will receive a welcome email with a printable Pickleball Mile Tracking Sheet attached.

Simply use this sheet to keep track of your Pickleball Miles.  When you reach a milestone such as 100 Pickleball Miles or 250 Pickleball Miles or 500 Pickleball Miles, let us know by sending us a picture of your tracking sheet.  (you can copy the tracking sheet as many times as you want).  

You will receive recognition on the Pickleball Mile Facebook page and you will receive an awesome reward for your efforts.

Each week you will receive the Pickleball Mile Club e-Newsletter recognizing members who have reached certain award levels, plus healthy living tips and recipes.

It will be your email reminder and motivator to get your exercise, but even more importantly, it will encourage you to do those little daily things that will help you live a healthy lifestyle and have a longer, healthier life.

And yes, it's FREE to join!

So what is your responsibility as a club member?  

  • Play pickleball 
  • Encourage others to play pickleball. 
Did you do your PIckleball Mile today?  
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