What is a Pickleball Mile?

Pickleball Mile is not about an exact measure of distance.

​A Pickleball Mile is an attitude.  It is an attitude that says I am going to take control of my life and most importantly I'm going to take control of my health.    It is all about having fun, but having fun with a purpose in mind.  To live healthy.

After months of gathering very unscientific measurements using FitBits, Nike Fuel Bands and numerous pedometers, we have determined that an average game of pickleball requires you to move approximately 600 - 700 steps.  With that in mind, it then takes about 4 games of pickleball to cover the distance of one mile.

So for Pickleball Mile Club members, to say that you did your Pickleball Mile, you must have played four or more games of pickleball in the same day.  Make sure to mark it down on your tracking sheet

And if you did your Pickleball Mile, you have taken a great step towards a longer, 
healthier life.   Shout it out.  "I did my pickleball mile today!!!"

And we hope you will encourage others to join you too, because each time you bring a new player to try pickleball you can claim 
an additional Pickleball Mile for yourself.  Make sure you mark it on your tracking sheet.

So to summarize, there are two ways you can do a Pickleball Mile:

    1Play 4 games of pickleball in a day and you've done your pickleball mile.  
        So if you play 8 games, you can claim 2 pickleball miles. 

    2. Get new players to try pickleball.  Simply put a paddle in a new person's hand and you can claim a pickleball mile for yourself.
        Bring 2 new players, claim 2 pickleball miles on your tracking sheet.

      In other words, help pickleball grow and we will reward you for it. 


Did you do your PIckleball Mile today?  
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WHY DO A PICKLEBALL MILE?  My husband and I started playing pickleball two years ago. My husband lost 60 pounds in the first year and I lost 22 pounds

The key for us was finding an exercise that made us happy, and you don't have to be a jock to excel at pickleball.  

Going to the gym is hard work, but pickleball play 
is another story.     - Bonnie F. 
Did you do your
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