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Pickleball Mile Club Rewards?

Playing pickleball for exercise and good health should be enough, but we decided to challenge you with some fun goals.

When you sign up for the Pickelball Mile Club you will receive an email with a printable Pickleball Mile Tracking Sheet attached.

Simply use this sheet to keep track of your Pickleball Miles.  When you reach a milestone such as 100 Pickleball Miles or 250 Pickleball Miles or 500 Pickleball Miles, let us know by sending us a picture of your tracking sheet.  (you can copy the tracking sheet as many times as you want).  

You will receive recognition on the Pickleball Mile Facebook page and you will receive an awesome reward for your efforts.

When you reach:

100 Pickleball Miles:  You will receive a 100 Mile Club Member magnet.
​ (One mile must have been earned by introducing 1 new player to pickleball)

250 Pickleball Miles:  You will receive a 250 Mile Club Member magnet plus $5 in Pickleball Rocks Bucks, 
good at PickleballShopping.com.  (Three miles must have been earned by introducing 3 new players to pickleball)

500 Pickleball Miles:  You will receive a 500 Mile Club Member magnet and another $5 in Pickleball Rocks Bucks,
good at PickleballShopping.com. ​ (Five miles must have been earned by introducing 5 new players to pickleball)

1000 Pickleball Miles: You will receive a 1000 Mile Member TShirt and another $10 in Pickleball Rocks Bucks, good at PickleballShopping.com
 (Ten miles must have been earned by introducing 10 new players to pickleball)

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500 Mile Club:

Steve Smith - Milwaukee, WI
Ann Chapin - St. Louis, MO
Jim Cooke - Lexington, KY
Dorrie Hulsey - Port Saint Lucie, FL
Terry Morais - Windsor Ontario
Judy Brown - Baker City, OR
Mike Hogg - Milton, FL
Francis Graziano - Princeville, HI
Kevin Polaskey - Benton Harbor, MI
Kealani Gillis - Honolulu, HI
Carolyn Leach - Newark, NY

1,000 Mile Club:

Stephanie McDonald - Buena Vista, CO
Jack Hodges - Kalaheo, HI
Wayne Spong - Murphy, NC

1,500 Mile Club:

Sheryl Smith -  Bloomington, IL

Congratulations to our 
recent award winners: